80 Million Isms

by Tallisman



Album Dedication:
This record is dedicated to my boys, my new purpose, Ixaka Badí & Jomei Quddús, [and Oluyemi Hujját and Zamán Anis - new arrivals since the original release] and to beautiful Prudence, my life-love, my wife.
This record is dedicated to the Plains of Fascination–the memories, the growth, the good times & bad (seems like another world, an alternate dimension).
This record is dedicated to UNIT-e, what could have been, what should have been, what would have been, had we been UNIFIED.
This record is dedicated to humanity, my family and race I love you, I pray for you.
This record is dedicated to the elevation & preservation of Hip-Hop.Above all else I thank God for immeasurable blessings. Yá-Bahá’u'l-Abhá! Prudence for choosing me, for support & for unconditional love. Ixaka & Jomei – your purity & your laughter has helped me to discover that all my dreams have been realised! Reggie and Cindy Newkirk for life, lessons, love & support. Amoz Olinga for your honest, ultra-constructive criticism. Sitarih & Ruhi for love, faith & support. Shirley for love & acceptance (& many magnificent meals!) Vin & Ling, your artistic endeavours are inspirational. The Twardzik family for love and acceptance. Jack Lenz for undying, never-ending faith in my music, & me & for all your help and support through the years. All my beautiful brothers @ the Black Men’s Gathering. Plains of Fascination, UNIT-e, & all my other musical excursions, & everyone who supported them. Varqá for 15 years of friendship, & for co-authoring the original dream! Kevin “Troubadour / Shimoda Pye / Ros / Kevy-Kev” Bellemare, for friendship, & for your loyalty to the true spirit of UNIT-e, & for lending your voice and inspiration to this project. Nelly Furtado, for calling me “The original sample slayer,” and for gracing this record with your stunning voice. (I knew you would make it! I wish some of our songs would have, I know that you know how good they are!) Potion for rock solid emcee tactics & helping UNIT-e explode Planet Mars. Massimba, Dj S.O.S. for cuts and scratches, and many roofs brought down. PHATT al for your vocals on this record, for the dreams we shared, the work we did, the sleep we left @ Kinko’s preparing your VideoFact submissions -hast thou forsaken me? Louwop, where you at? A Man Called Warwick for being a good friend. Remember those late night conversations with Kevin on Spadina Ave? Mike, Andy, Joe & Mike: good friends, good neighbours. Anna “sweet-blood” Keenan, for a ton of photos, a ton of time, & for being a great friend. Gordo for the pix in the rubble of the Old World Order. The whole Tee-dot Oh. Justice LeEg. Planet Mars and all undaground spots keeping Hip-Hop alive. To everyone sacrificing in His service. Many thanks to everyone who has supported this project. May we all escape unscathed, & re-sensitised!


released March 21, 2002

Written, Arranged, Produced, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Tallis 'Tallisman'Newkirk, Richard 'Varqa Axé" Lynch & Badí Varner




Tallisman Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

the life and times of a washed-up rapper...

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Track Name: What It Is
02:: What It Is
verse 1:
This is dedicated to my peeps & plus them rich kids
To them earths them ghetto queens them honey dips
To the real mc’z them rappers & them nitch bigs
To those creating making moves & those that ditch dig
To the laymen plus the pious plus the mystics
To y’all who think living in ignorance is bliss it’s
Dedicated to those who slept last year and missed this
Which is a little something new from the brother who hitched his
Sights on the art’s form never shifted
Let me rip this… new heights new plights watch me flip this
So ill with my skills yo! Call me sickness
Let me kick this with a quickness pass my clip it’s
Time to shoot this gift & make you think that it was Christmas
This is what you will find on every B-Boy’s wish list
Fat rhymes that I finessed with a slickness with a swiftness
I can’t resist this Urge to rock a microphone I know my style’s exquisite
Plus prolific You don’t want to skip this flav delicious
Everywhere I go they be like Yo! This is the Ish kid!!
Intricate rhymes twisted tangled like 2 tongues when you be kissing
Blowing minds this ish is dope I need a hit give me a hit kid!
This is what I do to chase the wolf away he’s vicious
What I do to put food on my plates and dishes
What I do to make some loot then buy my fishes
Is what I do when this existence feels malicious
Is what I do to pass the time the clock is ticking
Is what I do cause hip-hop’s life and I’m a live this!
Is what I am cause hip-hop’s life & that’s what this is…
verse 2:This is dedicated to my peoples out enjoying
These lyrical type contortions verbal potions it’s important
See without you supporting we’d be aborting dreams & be ghost
Like Patrick have to resort to measures that would not be flows
That’s magically acrobatic or sometimes even spastic
But tactics that’s drastic imagine the havoc
That would render this life so dramatically tragic
I ain’t trying to see that of have it so
UNIT-e knows we need those Latinos Gringos & Chinos
Negroes & Ginos to be bros.
Amigos & peoples then we goes
To the Next levels… Like we s’posed…!
Track Name: Eye of the Tempest
Eye Of The Tempest

verse 1:
Egos forever swelling forever dwellin'
In ignorance & arrogance forever tellin
Fake stories about snakes & felons
Placing slugs in melons
Of unlucky fellas drug sellers thugs & over zealous women
Stories of kingpins & how you hung em & how you stung em
Now you filling young ones heads with visions of impossible cream
You got em feigning for lies
Living way beyond their means forming teams & ties
Designing schemes to fulfill their dreams
Of obtaining the finer things in life but real fast like
Evil pastimes have too many of us reminiscing of our baby brothers real fast life
Which was mad trife until the blast light
Children of the half light don't know how to act right
Last night another was lost to the crack pipe
& a 2nd over shoes in a fast heist
Yes its a sad plight how easy & fast life is lost
Plus the cost of the new Nikes mad expensive
Damage extensive savage kids lacking temperance
Acting like the Devils apprentice rent us all senseless & sent us
Straight into the Eye of the Tempest

There's a storm that's brewin', Pursuin' mankind
to ruin mankind
& Still we act blind?

verse 2:
I heard that deeds speak o.k. so please keep that ass away
I have no need nor desire to be harassed today
I has to say that's the way my peeps be feeling when you pass this way
Squealing tires screaming sirens peeling caps for play
You have a vast array of this community
Feeling mad dismay seeing sad displays of punishment with impunity
As you blast away another brother but this one younger than the last
Might have seen 16 summers until he crossed the path
Of ridiculous cops who should've been plumbers instead see
A non-deadly fix for your cravings of lead gee
I wonder I wonder who's dumber them plumbers
Or the ones who gave them plumbers them guns
Man that badge be a license for wreaking havoc tragedy
& taking lives man we badly need to re-arrange the way these
Deranged things be arranged in these strange days see
The signs read the signs heed the signs these are the warning signs
So heed the science kid be true to the alliances that you make
But make no mistakes & make no alliances with fakes or snakes
Because the stakes are high Yo! Like IQ must be if were bent on survival
Which is reserved for the fittest nobody wanna die so exercise your defenses
Intellectual spiritual emotional strength is
Our only shelter @ the Eye of the Tempest