Stop Drop & Roll [the prudent manoeuvre]

by Tallisman



a single and radio edits...


released October 19, 2010

Tallis "Tallisman" Newkirk




Tallisman Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

the life and times of a washed-up rapper...

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Track Name: Stop Drop & Roll [the prudent manoeuvre]
She got me feelin’ like anything is possible
Like I could weather storms and a plethora of hostile foes!
She down with the real – ain’t no need to stop and pose
When she around it feels like time just stop and froze!
Won’t see a frown. She cool as Popsicles, hot from top to toes
Melt through my facades and my armor like, “Off with those!”
Stack’em in the corner with the head game them gots ta go
& any other obstacles. Love, don’t block the flow!
The moment she crossed my sights I was like, “lock and load!”
She walk and float at the same time – I thought that was impossible.
But is it plausible that fate would mate hard rocks and gold
Or that I could pen her beauty in my rhymes – not probable.
But I’ma keep tryin’ ’cause she fly like unstoppable
High, full throttle, where she at I gots ta go!
Lovesick feelin’ like I might need a hospital
I said she was hot but she’s fire – stop drop and roll!

Now it wouldn’t be prudent for me
to not write a song to laud your beauty
and so I write girl…
…I’m up all night girl

She’s got me feelin’ like God He really cares for me!
It’s probably heresy but from the top of the hair to feet
…she so fine, I know god gotta be there for me
So I’m up late writin’ rhymes my pen is just blazin’ through
page after page for you my girl is crazy cute!
amazing too. You are the best
You my inspiration, muse, plus you daisy fresh
Maybe you magical – you make me feel complete & when
I’m feelin’ down you place me back upon my feet again
like “woot!” this world is mine & I’m ready to compete & it
Don’t matter if the competition is Olympian
I’m takin’ it! Probably facin’ it with a stoopid grin
You make me feel godly and oddly more human when
We laughin’ or cryin’ I’m flyin’ with my truest friend
You & me we can do anything yes. YES!
& I would marry you again anyday yes. Yes!

Now it wouldn’t be prudent for me
to not write a song to laud your beauty
and so I write girl…
…I’m up all night girl

You got me feelin’ like there’s hope for the universe &
if there’s a mate for every soul I know that you the person!
Sometimes Prayers are answered subtly in subtle ways
and other times as if God is yellin’ atcha like, “What I Say?!”
I reminisce about the time we met “Oh WHat a day”
like there was spring in my step & I had pep suddenly!
It’s like an angel reached down and cleared the mud away
Wiped all the crud away and placed you right in front my face
you didn’t run away though i droolin’ gawkin
you looked so beautiful just movin’ and walkin’
& then started talkin’ & blew my mind
You cram intelligence & relavance in a package that fine?!?
You were well grounded despite ya good looks!
you smelled nice well versed like good books
sugar and spice and God is a good cook!
If you let me for life I’ll be on the hook

I ain't no singer!
...But she makes me feel like singing
out loud baby yeah!
I ain't no Klingon...
but she makes me feel like clinging
I'm hangin' on for dear life baby
I ain't no Zinger, no...
But she makes me feel like zingin'
whatever zingin' feels like babe I feel it.